Which Tarot card to read on your next tarot reading?

FourFourThree readers have given their favourite Tarot cards to read, with the reader’s rating being decided by the total number of cards they have read in total.

One reader called Tarot Card Reader, who also has an Australian flag tattooed on his forearm, said: “I like to read my Tarot reading cards on my arm as it makes me feel more connected to the story, especially the cards I have seen in the past that were based on real life experiences.”

For example, the cards in my Tarots of Love and Death have to do with death and love, and how we react to death and loved ones.

“Other cards are about love, marriage and relationships, and the different relationships we have, so they’re all about connection to other people and the world around us.”

The reader said he read the Tarot to a group of friends at the end of last year.

“I thought, ‘This is going to be good, I’m going to read it again’,” he said.

“When I started reading I was so excited to get a card reading out, and when I finally got the card I was really excited to look at it, I loved it, but I think it might be more effective if I’d been able to read the cards as they are written in the book rather than memorise them.”

Tarot Reader, a 24-year-old Australian, said he liked reading the Tarots as it allowed him to relate to the stories.

“There’s always a little bit of tragedy in the Taros, and I like to relate, and also a little more of the dark side of life, so I want to read about these dark side aspects of life,” he said

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