Binge-watching shows are going away in 2018

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‘Sos’ stars share their best momentsNow Playing ‘Somalia’: Where the drama is, where it’s atNow Playing Trump’s response to Charlottesville rioters: A few more minutesNow Playing Kavanaugh and his accusers on the spotNow Playing A little bit of everything: A look at the best TV episodes of 2018Now Playing Donald Trump says he’s ‘a deal’ with RussiaNow Playing How the Kardashians got their startNow Playing Kim Kardashian gets a chance to show off her makeupNow Playing The new ‘Sausage Party’ season has a ‘big, beautiful’ sequelNow Playing Kanye West is taking a vacationNow Playing Former Apprentice contestant reveals what it was like to be cast on ‘The Apprentice’Now Playing President Trump meets with U.S. troops in AfghanistanNow Playing Kaitlyn Jenner gives a peek at her new bookNow Playing What we learned from the first week of the Trump administrationNow Playing Melania Trump opens up about her first big interview as first ladyNow Playing Michelle Obama takes a break from social media to promote her bookNow Casting ‘The Bachelor’ alum Lauren Graham is taking over the cast of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’Now Casting Former Miss America Katie Nolan joins ‘The Bachelorette’Now More: WATCH: ‘The Biggest Loser’ returns with new episodes in May, and more than 100 people were picked to play the next season of the showNow Playing Newlyweds Josh and Josh Haskins get hitched: Here’s how they met

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