When did you know the NBA would be a TV show?

The NBA is a TV series.

It’s on NBCSN, the NBA Network, TNT, ESPN, and in the United Kingdom, on Sky Sports 1.

And yet, the series hasn’t even gotten off the ground, let alone made it to air.

ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz says the NBA’s first season is a “fringe success,” but he can’t say for sure if it will even be on the air.

Arnoviz says he is hopeful, but “I don’t know if it’s going to be a regular season.”

So why is the NBA getting off the floor?

Why not just get off the couch and start putting it out there?

The main reason is because Arnovos team is on its way out.

The NBA has struggled financially and has seen its viewership dip as the NBA has grown.

The league is struggling to find enough talent to keep its rosters intact, which means it needs to add more games to its lineup to make up for the loss of a few games.

As ESPN and NBCSN have grown, the games have gotten bigger and the revenue has fallen.

The network and its partners are hoping to make the NBA an international league with its broadcast partners.

But they’ve found it difficult to do so because of a lack of talent, and Arnovs team has fallen behind, too.

ESPN and its NBA partners are working with some of the most well-known stars in the game, like the Celtics, Knicks, and Wizards.

These stars are also on the sidelines, but that hasn’t stopped them from signing on to their shows and putting out new content.

“I’ve been involved with the NBA for years, and there’s no question that we’ve been the most successful in terms of what we’ve done, and I think the NBA is doing really well,” said one executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth, and we’re just trying to make sure that we continue to deliver that to our partners and our fans.”

There are some signs that the league is getting serious about revamping its TV lineup, as well.

The latest incarnation of the league, the Los Angeles Clippers, is currently being revamped to include three more games a season instead of two.

Arnos show has already been canceled, and NBC is reportedly looking at moving its Clippers to Los Angeles.

But the NBA seems intent on finding a new home for its flagship series.

Arnottos team had to go out on the road for games in New York and Toronto to get its games in the air in the early going, and those games were scheduled to air on NBC, the network that aired Arnovis shows “Monday Night Countdown,” “The Price is Right,” and “The Undefeated.”

“We are looking at all options,” Arnovits said in a conference call with reporters on Monday.

But if the NBA can’t find the right home for the show, it may try to keep it on NBC or TNT for one more season.

That could mean the NBA will have to change how it runs its broadcasts, or even change the way it sells the games.

But there are some indications that the NBA wants to make its NBA TV series more global, and the league’s TV partners are eager to join the effort.

“As long as there’s the opportunity, we’ll be looking at it,” said an ESPN representative.

“If we’re doing it right, we want to make it a global franchise.”

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