Citi credit cards – best for you and your wallet

Citi card holders will enjoy more than just the perks of the credit card, as their bank accounts can be more than doubled if they opt for a personalised card.

Citi credit offers up to a 30 per cent bonus on some of the most popular bank accounts, including your credit card and personalised loyalty cards, and can be used on a variety of products including bank transfer, credit cards and online banking.

But what’s a personal card?

A personal card is a card that you pay for directly from your bank account, without having to pay for it.

“The personal card offers the best customer service, the best value and a great customer experience,” says Scott Hynes, general manager of card services at Citi.

“Personal cards are the way to go for anyone, but especially if you’re buying something that’s really important to you.”

How do personal cards work?

Personal cards can be loaded with cash, an electronic bill, a phone number, or a credit card number.

“It’s really simple and intuitive to use and there are a lot of options,” Hynes says.

“There’s a lot more options for the customer.”

Personal cards typically cost around $100 or $200, depending on the card type, and there’s also an option to pay with an electronic payment.

“You can pay with your credit or debit card, or pay in a prepaid card, which we’ve heard from a lot,” Hays says.

“That’s what we’ve got in store for the launch of the new Citi Personal Card.”

How much does it cost?

Personal and personal cards can also be loaded on to a car and can also pay for goods and services with your bank card.

The cost depends on what you’re looking to pay, so you can pay $5 or $10 on a personal or personal card and get $5 for your goods and $10 for your services.

Personal cards also come in different levels of rewards, depending how much you spend and how often you use the card.

“We don’t really have a ‘level of reward’ in the way we pay for your personal card, but we do offer some extra benefits such as discounts on a range of purchases,” Hys says.

The best personal card to use for:If you need to pay your bills and you’re not going to use your personal account for that, a personal is the better option.

Hynes says Citi personal cards are designed for customers who spend a lot and don’t like paying by credit card.

“We like to use personal cards for customers that are very active,” he says.

Hays says the Citi brand is synonymous with personal cards, which means that you can use the Címplib brand or the Cite brand to name your personal cards.

“The Cínplib card can be yours to name, and the Cide brand can be your personalised brand,” Hies says.

Citigroup is the global leader in personal banking and personal finance.

It has over 4 million accounts across more than 60 countries, and its personal cards feature a 3.5-cent fee on top of the usual fee.

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