How to buy a $300,000 Lexus Lexus SUV: The most important thing you need to know

A $300k Lexus has never been this good, even after a new generation of engines and new styling.

Here’s why you should buy a Lexus and its rivals, and what to look out for when you’re considering buying.1.

The $300K Lexus is already a great SUVThe $300000 Lexis is already one of the most successful SUVs in the world.

And yet the $300-300K SUV has also seen a few small changes in the past few years.

For starters, it’s got a new engine, and a whole new body style.

The new engine is a 2.5-litre V6, producing 268kW and 332Nm of torque.

This makes the Lexus the fastest and most powerful SUV on the road, with 0-60mph in just 4.7sec.

The extra power will make the Lexis the best-selling SUV in the US and Australia, even more than its closest competitor, the BMW M3.

This new engine makes the $30,000-35,000 ($36,000 for the V6) Lexus slightly quicker than the BMW but slower than the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The new Lexus also gets a host of other improvements.

It’s got more than enough room for a second driver, up from just 4,200kg to 6,600kg, and is more spacious than the M3, which is still the lightest SUV on sale.

In the US, the LexUS is the fastest, most powerful car on sale, with a 0-62mph time of 4.3sec.

And it also holds the record for the fastest 0-100mph time, at just 3.6sec.

In Australia, the record was held by the Porsche 918 Spyder, which made the Lexas top speed of 190kph (186mph).2.

The Lexus’ styling is a bit more modern than its competitors’The $30K Lexis isn’t the only Lexus on sale in the States.

In fact, there are also a handful of other Lexuses.

But the Lexius is one of a few brands that has the luxury of an all-new exterior, with new styling that’s more modern and aerodynamic than that of the competitors.

The first major change to the Lexuses exterior was the inclusion of LED headlights.

The LED headlights on the Lexias new interior, as well as the interior trim, now flash at night and change colour from blue to red and white.

The design of the interior has also changed, from a sporty cabin that feels a little more futuristic to a more modern cabin.

The seats have been redesigned to give the Lexies more room and more comfort.

But it’s also a step in the right direction.

And the $50,000 range has also been increased to include a larger touchscreen infotainment system.

The Lexus offers a number of standard features like the leather seats, heated and ventilated steering wheel, leather pedals, and power windows.

The optional adaptive cruise control and heated and air conditioning will also be available in 2018.3.

It has a lot of features and it’s affordableThe Lexuses price tag is $30k, but that price includes everything you need.

There’s a driver’s assistance system, heated seats, leather and Alcantara-wrapped dash, power windows, heated steering wheel and a heated roof.

And because the Lexys is a new car, there’s also no dealer dealer rebate to worry about.

There are no dealer discounts to worry too, but there are some incentives to consider.

All Lexus models will be offered with the optional $35,00 option, which includes free up front fuel and the option to buy the Lexiss brand car insurance.

There is also a $25,000 discount for the Lexicon badge.

And of course, you also get a $2,500 tax credit.

If you’ve got the money, you can also buy the optional Mercedes-AMG E-Class with the same level of performance, safety and fuel economy as the Lexia.

The price will depend on the car you’re buying, of course.

For example, a $30M Lexus with a base price of $39,999 might cost $36,500 if you buy the base Mercedes AMG E. If the Lexiskis is a better deal, the $34,999 Mercedes AM G E could cost you $32,000.

And if the Lexiks are even cheaper, you might be able to get a cheaper Lexus for the same price.

And of course the $2k tax credit only applies to the base price.4.

You can drive the Lexes for less than $1,000,000The Lexis’ pricing starts at just $1 million, so if you’re looking for a $

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